An Curraicealam airson Sàr-mhathais
Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence has been introduced to raise standards of learning and teaching for all 3 to 18 year olds. It aims to help prepare children and young people with the knowledge and skills they need in a fast changing world. As part of Curriculum for Excellence, all children from pre-school to the end of S3 will receive a rounded education known as a Broad General Education (BGE). Curriculum for Excellence is all about bringing real life into the classroom and taking lessons beyond it.

In line with their Curriculum for Excellence entitlement, pupils in Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu learn in all 8 curricular areas until the end of S3.

There is also a focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills across every subject area as well as Skills for Learning, Life and Work as young people prepare for their adult lives. In addition, learning takes place in the following ways:

  • Inter-disciplinary experiences (working across a range of subjects to link learning)
  • Learning through the ethos and life of the school
  • Opportunities for personal achievement

As a school we have developed, and continue to develop, our curriculum around the unique Gaelic ethos and life of the school.

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