Aithris do Phàrantan

Reporting to Parents

Aithris do Phàrantan
Reporting to Parents

All young people are assessed both formally and informally throughout the school year. This allows young people and their teachers to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. A variety of assessment methods are used to enable staff to pass on information to parents and carers about the progress of their child. Assessment records are kept by teachers and form the basis of discussion at parents’ meetings throughout the year.

Dates of all parents’ meetings and the schedule for issuing written reports is included in the school calendar which is issued at the start of term and is available on the website.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress do not hesitate to contact their pastoral care teacher at any time.

Progress reports are provided at the following times.

  • S1: November and June
  • S2: October and February
  • S3: November and May
  • S4: October and January
  • S5/S6: November and February

Parents’ Evenings for each year group will take place at the following times:

  • S1: December
  • S2: February
  • S3: May
  • S4: November
  • S5/S6: December but parents may make an appointment at any time to discuss progress
  • S2 Personalisation Choice and Pathways evening: March
  • S3 BGE – Senior Phase Pathways information Session: May
  • S4/S5 Senior School Pathways Evening: March

Any urgent messages to parents are normally texted to the pupil’s main contact’s mobile telephone.

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