Saidheans Coimpiutaireachd

Saidheans Coimpiutaireachd
Computing Science

In today’s ever connected digital world it is vital that young people develop the skills required to be digital content creators as well as consumers. Problem solving is key to Computing Science which is valued in any workplace. Activities include analysing, designing, implementing and evaluating web pages, programs and databases. Algorithms are used along with other design tools such as flowcharts and structure charts to ensure that solutions are created in the most efficient, logical manner possible.

Computers have already revolutionised human life and Computing Scientists will continue to do so; driverless cars, artificial intelligence, the possibilities are limitless.

Computer science inverts the normal. In normal science, you're given a world, and your job is to find out the rules. In computer science, you give the computer the rules, and it creates the world.

Alan Kay

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