Eòlas Creideimh is Moraltachd

Eòlas Creideimh is Moraltachd
Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies) supports pupils to recognise religion as an important expression of human experience. They learn about the beliefs, values, practices and traditions of Christianity and other selected religions including viewpoints which are independent of religious belief. This encourages research and critical thinking skills and helps younger pupils develop respect and understanding. In National 5 these skills are further developed in the use of reflection, discernment and deciding how to act in the making of moral decisions. This skills development is integrated in the Benchmarks for Curriculum for Excellence. Higher RMPS teaches pupils to skillfully evaluate and explain philosophical perspectives. This in turn equips pupils for life and the world of work.

Religious and Moral Education takes you to places no other subject goes.

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